Detour Venice



Detour / Mapping Contemporary Venice.

The city of Venice seen as a modern, metropolitan city, out of the picturesque, then mapped and reinterpreted on the pages of Moleskine notebooks. This is the theme developed by a selection of great architects, researcher and designers based in Italy, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Belgium, the United States, Hungary and Burkina Faso.

A special edition of the Detour project, associated with the 12th Biennale International Architecture Exhibition.



Detour takes place in Venice together with myDetour / MappingContemporary Venice. Detour / Mapping Contemporary Venice is a co-production of VIU, Venice International University, and Moleskine. Detour and its authors support the lettera27 foundation.

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The Authors.

5+1AA, alterstudio Partners, Aranda\Lasch, Giuseppe Amato\Qanat, ASA/Albanese, Giancarlo Carnevale, FGMF, Yona Friedman, Andres Jacque, JDS, Francis D. Kere, Franco La Cecla, Rojkind.

Curator: Raffaella Guidobono.
August 26 – September 20, 2010
10 am – 5 pm

Venice International University
Island of San Servolo