Moleskine x Nihon University College of the Arts Partnership


This year, the 2022 Moleskine x Nihon University of the Arts art competition was held. As a brand that finds great importance in creativity, this project allowed for young aspiring artists to share their work and unleash their creative potential.

Artwork Judging:Teachers compare artworks.
Artwork Judging:Artworks are laid across the table.

During this season’s competition, we had a total of 74 students from different departments create their artworks with Moleskine notebooks, under the theme: Express Yourself. With a wide range of possibilities, this theme is a great theme for the students to express each of their own creativity, innovation, and passion – all while expressing their identities through their artwork.

The students started this project on August, amid summer, and had a total of 3 month to complete their work. At the end of the work period, we received 74 submissions.

Soon after, a judging was held to gauge the each of the artworks. The judging panel consisted of university teachers, Moleskine staff, and two special judges – Designer, Norio Nakamura and Illustrator, Kana Suzuki, both graduates of the Nihon University of the Arts and currently working in the creative industry.

In the end, 24 winners were selected from a variety of unique artworks.

Artwork Judging:Mr. Norio Nakamura looks through the artworks.
Artwork Judging:Ms. Kana Suzuki looks through the artworks.

Grand Prize Winner

玉利奈津実 美術学科

Grand Prize Winner:Image 1
Grand Prize Winner:Image2

"This work is my picture diary for about three months. I recorded my daily events and thoughts in pictures. By consciously continuing to draw things that would normally just pop into my mind and quickly fade away, I was able to fill this notebook with many small pieces of my spirit that I normally would not be able to scoop up.
I am honored to receive this award. Thank you so much."

Excellence Award

成田雅菜 大学院   美術学科

Excellence Award ①:Image 1
Excellence Award ②:Image 1

“The theme of the project was "layers of memories. I felt the strength and warmth of Moleskine notebooks gently protect the memories and personalities of the people who use them.
In this project, I used the notebook as my heart. Using translucent paper and pieces of notebook paper, I painted each page in different shades.
I made a conscious effort to create a work that would have a different impression depending on where it was opened."

大石凛 デザイン学科

Excellence Award ②:Image 1
Excellence Award ②:Image 2

“The cover of a notebook is like the door to a room, isn't it?
When I came up with the idea of creating this work, the cover of a notebook seemed to me like a door leading into a room. When you open the door, a space opens, the red carpet leads to a staircase, and bookshelves are cluttered with books to be read. I hope everyone who reads these notes gets that feeling, too."

牧口実央 デザイン学科

Excellence Award ③:Image 1
Excellence Award ③:Image 2

“In recent years, many people have been forced to refrain from traveling to various places and festivals due to the corona virus, so I decided to draw on the theme of traditional culture in various regions to relieve the longing for travel.
Traditional culture has been nurtured over a long history, passed down through human relationships, and has a beauty that is hard to resist. I believe I was able to vividly express the warmth of such traditional culture."

Special Selection Award: Norio Nakamura

丸岡優美 デザイン学科

Special Judge Award by Mr. Norio Nakamura : Image 1
Special Judge Award by Mr. Norio Nakamura : Image 2

Special Selection Award: Kana Suzuki

高平悠花 美術学科

Special Judge Award by Ms. Kana Suzuki : Image 1
Special Judge Award by Ms. Kana Suzuki : Image 2

Runner Up

細野遥    写真学科
野内万葉   デザイン学科
渡部優奈   美術学科
鈴木香織   デザイン学科
堀越千晴   写真学科
阿部孔輔   デザイン学科

Honorable Mention

小林萌菜   デザイン学科
東野鈴    デザイン学科
加藤瑠佳   デザイン学科
石井杏花里  デザイン学科
大石沙希   デザイン学科
丸岡優美   デザイン学科
廣瀬ゆり   デザイン学科
中村萌聖   デザイン学科
仲川真由   映画学科
山形仁太   デザイン学科
小林萌    デザイン学科
小林恭子   美術学科
青島夏希   美術学科