Why did timepage change to a membership?

We are committed to creating a useful, delightful and stable product. To uphold this commitment, the best way forward is for our team to have an ongoing relationship with you. It helps us plan for the long term and provide new features you want, reliability with new hardware, quality assurance, maintenance and more.
Most of our customers use Timepage many times a day and considering this, we think our pricing is modest. Your data is not locked into Timepage and remains available via your cloud provider regardless of whether you have an active Timepage membership or not.

"With a single membership, you can now access Timepage on iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad as a single universal app. Our previous iPad app is now replaced with the universal app. You no longer have to purchase multiple apps for access on each device.

We are now able to offer a free trial with no feature restrictions. After the trial period ends, Timepage will become read-only but all your data is safely stored with your provider.

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Didn't find what you were looking for? Contact us:
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